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Area Trail Reports


XC & Snowshoe Trails

ABR Ski Trails:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020 CLOSED FOR REST OF THE WINTER SEASON
  • Conditions on Web Site: Posted 3/22/2020 7:00pm -Trails , Ski Shop, Lodging,  are all closed. We closed the gates tonight with a neighbor friend Andy and his 3 children clearing the snow to close up at 5:45. Andy sent me  a  picture of their children on Pit Point enjoying the sunset. this was a great way to close the season. Thank you to all of our pass holders and loyal day skiers for a great season. sorry for the picture off 90 degrees….

    Have a great summer , check out our new foundation for the future of the ABR Trails…

    Eric and Angela

Wolverine Nordic Ski & Fat Bike Trails:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020
  • Conditions: Posted 3/22/2020 – All trails were groomed and track set this morning.  Conditions are very good.  Sun shining and beautiful day to get out to ski or snowshoe at Wolverine.

Miners Memorial Heritage Park:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020
  • Conditions on Facebook: 3/17/2020 – We groomed the ski trail yesterday afternoon. It’s in perfect shape for all activities today….enjoy the beautiful day!

Split Rock Snowshoe Trails:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020
  • Conditions on Facebook: 3/14/2020 – Trails are freshly tracked. There is better signage to help you navigate. Add a trek on the Split Rock Trails to your weekend activities! ❄️

Montreal Ski Trails:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020
  • Conditions on Facebook: 3/21/2020- The trail crew was out today. They groomed everything except Pavlovich Run. You can skate, sno’shoe, old school classic (no track), fat tire bike, dog sled, even walk. What a nice way to practice social distancing. Stay healthy friends.

Uller Trail Loop:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020
  • Conditions on Facebook: 3/21/2020 – The Uller Trail loops are all rolled and packed. Last time for the season as the snow bridges won’t make another week of melting. What better place to social distance than in the beautiful Penokees! Stay Healthy!!

Porcupine Mountains Ski Trails:

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020
  • Conditions on Facebook: 3/6/2020 – 98% of trails have been tracked today!!! Thank you Mother Nature for the 6″+ of fresh snow overnight. Temps are expected to reach the mid 40’s this weekend…this could possibly be our last time out with the groomer. Get out and enjoy!

Snowmobile Trail Report

Last Updated: March 23, 2020  

Posted 3/23/2020 9:00am: Trails are hazardous with slush ponds and pools as well as “rotting snow bridges” as the Hurley White Thunder Riders put it so well.  We have not groomed in quite awhile, even though we did see about 2-4″ of snow the past two weeks.  We are not putting equipment on the trail due to snow bridges failing.  They will last longer without grooming.  During our ride Friday we rode Bergland, Wakefield & White Pine.  White Pine/Ontonagon continues to groom and their trails are good. Some bare spots on hills in the sun, but few.  Lake Gogebic was the bumpiest.  Please ride cautiously on the trail if you do go, several trees have come down during the past two wind storms.  Grooming is over for the year.

WARNINGS AND NOTICES:   We continue to see a spike in off trail riding issues.  We had riders nearly cause a HAZMAT event by running over a Oil/Fuel distributors fill lines.  We had riders hit fences and take out fence posts a LONG ways away from trails.  We are begging riders, there is 1-million acres of public land east of Wakefield to off trail ride on – please save it for legal areas!  

  • Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing: Fair (last groomed 3/7/2020) Please do not ride on side walks near Holiday and try to keep noise down in town.
  • Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield: Fair to poor (last groomed 3/7/2020) There is a water hazard near Blackjack.  Trail is icy.
  • Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco: Fair (last groomed 3/6/2020)  Water Hazard west of 2/8 intersection. 
  • Trail 8 from Wakefield to Tula Crossing: Fair (last groomed 3/6/2020) The ditch trail on Gogebic Area Grooming’s side has had the water holes open up.  We do not advise riding this trail unless you are a highly experienced technical rider with a long track.
  • Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River: Fair (last groomed 3/6/2020). There is logging about 1/2 way north on the trail, YIELD TO LOGGERS AND GIVE THEM RESPECT – IT’S THEIR LAND!   STAY ON THE TRAIL!!!!!!   This is our most scenic trail and is a treat to ride!  Stay on the trail in the farm fields.  Over 25 landowners are involved to make this trail a reality, please respect them and ride responsibly.  There are several scenic vistas on the trail: Bald Mountain “NORTH” lookout viewing Madeline Island/ mouth of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior, Bald Mountain “SOUTH” lookout viewing Gogebic Range (Powderhorn, Copper Peak), Montreal River Gorge look out, & Superior Falls Waterfall Complex.
  • 11S (Wakefield, MI to Winchester, WI): CLOSED (last groomed 3/6/2020)

Snowmobile Trail Map

Big Powderhorn Mountain

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020 CLOSED FOR REST OF 2019-2020 WINTER SEASON

Mountain Stats: 45 trails throughout 250 wooded acres, 622 vertical feet, 2 terrain parks, and 9 lifts.

Big Snow Resort – Indianhead & Blackjack Mountains

Blackjack Mountain: CLOSED FOR REST OF 2019-2020 WINTER SEASON              

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020 CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)

Indianhead Mountain:  CLOSED FOR REST OF 2019-2020 WINTER SEASON                     

  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020      

Mountain Stats: Blackjack Mountain: 26 trails throughout 170 wooded acres, 490 vertical feet, 2 terrain parks, and 6 lifts. Indianhead Mountain: 30 trails throughout 230 wooded acres, 640 vertical feet, 1 terrain park, and 9 lifts. Night Skiing is available on Saturday nights at Indianhead Mtn.

Porcupine Mountains

  • Last Updated: March 5, 2020 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON  

Mountain Stats: 15 trails, 4 gladed trails, and 1 lift

Due to a mandate from the State of Michigan over concerns about coronavirus we have had to close the hill for the season, effective immediately. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 3/14/2020