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Gabbro Falls

A very lovely waterfall that is also largely wild, despite being just a short walk from your car. This is one of the best waterfalls in the western U.P.

The falls consists of three separate drops that fall approximately 40 feet total before flowing into the Black river. Enjoy viewing this gorgeous waterfall from a couple different trails offering great views. The bottom trail to the waterfall is approximately 1/2 mile that starts on an ATV trail and leads you through the forest to the falls. The top trail is a short walk away from your car and offers great views of the falls.

Directions: Take US 2 between Bessemer & Wakefield to Blackjack Road.  Driving time: 11 min. (Google Map Link)

Bottom Trail- Continue driving on Blackjack Rd, north, stop before the bridge and park on either side of the road. The trail begins on the left side of the road if you were facing the ski resort. The trail appears to be an ATV trail. Follow this trail and the blue markings until you get to the fork in the trail. Continue to the right; shortly after you should see a small marked trail leading down to the river.

Top Trail-  Continue driving on Blackjack Rd, north, following it over a wooden bridge and around a curve past the ski resort. Park on either side at the top of the curve near the old equipment and garage style buildings – the trail begins on the left (east) side of the road.