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Black River Falls Parkway

Black River Falls consists of 5 amazing waterfalls (Great Conglomerate, Potawatomi, Gorge, Sandstone, and Rainbow falls) only minutes away from BPLA. This parkway ends at Black River Harbor where you can hike more trails, take a lunch break on the picnic tables or play in the sand on the beach!

Great Conglomerate Falls- This is a very large waterfall which is divided by a wide conglomerate rock formation. This waterfall is well marked. Walking trail 3/4 mile.

Potawatomi & Gorge Falls- Potawatomi Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Black River. Gorge Falls has a 34 foot drop surrounded by conglomerate canyon . Potawatomi and Gorge Falls are accessible by the same parking area and both offer an 1/8 mile walk each.

Sandstone Falls- This waterfall meanders over rocks giving it a unique appearance. Enjoy exploring around the conglomerate rock next to the river. It is located on a beautiful spot on the Black River, with a well marked, short 1/4 mile walking trail.

Rainbow Falls-  A beautiful waterfall that is extremely photogenic on the East part of the River. Enjoy the scenery on your 1/2 mile walk to the waterfall. Take is easy, there are many stairs.

Directions: Take Powderhorn Rd. North through the Powderhorn village to Black River Rd. and turn left. In approximately 10 miles the first waterfall (Great Conglomerate) will be on the right with large signs directing you to the parking area. To see the rest of the falls continue on Black River Road and watch for the waterfall signs on the right of the road. Driving time: 17 minutes