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Fall in the Western U.P

Autumn is short and sweet in the Western U.P. but it sure is something to be admired. The changing colors are absolutely beautiful and nothing beats the fresh air of the Northwoods. Enjoy hiking to waterfalls, viewing overlooks, mountain biking the trails, or just enjoying the crisp air, all surrounded by the gorgeous fall colors the Northwoods has to offer.

Fall Colors Updates

“The Western UP is coming along now. The color has really started filling in nice. Views from the Porkies were wonderful, still a tad bit of green and lots of yellows, surprisingly some nice reds have popped up this year unlike the last 3 or 4 years, a nice bonus. Most everyone I talked to at Lake of the Clouds it was their first time to the Upper Peninsula and first time to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. They were loving the views as do I everytime I go there. This week we should see the color really filling in and popping, this week along with next week will be excellent for viewing colors. After about the 3rd color will start fading and you’ll probably get a bit of leaf loss. Color on Lake Superior side along the Porkies ski hill was about 50% color early in the week, probably has reached about 60% now, peak will probably be about end of the week and early next week. Traveling interior of the Porkies along South Boundary road, views from the air color was better on the eastern side and western side a bit less color until you get further in past Nonesuch mine. Views from Summit Peak overlook showed a little more color than Lake of the Clouds overlook a lot more reds and color seen. Expect this view to hit peak by next week Monday or Tuesday. Areas around Ironwood, Bessemer, and Wakefield were looking good, color is good but not peak yet, by the weekend expect nice color and through next week but by end of next week may start seeing those reds and oranges turn a bit drab as the yellows start popping from the birch and aspens. M28 from Wakefiled to Bergland is pretty colorful, more around Bergland area and up Hwy 64 towards Silver City. Nice color is showing up now in the Trap Hills if you enjoy hiking head to the North Country trail anywhere in the Trap Hills, there are many overlooks and views will be all yours as you stand by youself or a friend taking it all in.
Overall 50%-80% | Peak will be Sept 27th – Oct 3rd” – Courtesy of Fun in the UP


Best Spots For Fall Color Views

– Copper Peak Adventure Ride: After an 800-foot chair lift ride, take an 18-story elevator to the main observation deck. From there, visitors can decide if they want to walk an additional 8 stories to the top starting gate. Enjoy awe-inspiring, unobstructed views of the amazing fall colors and area. (Rides are held now until Mid-October daily 10am-4:30pm)

-Porcupine Mountains Fall Color Lift Rides: Take the chairlift to the top of the Porcupine Mountain Ski Hill and enjoy seeing amazing views of Lake Superior and nearby areas all surrounded by amazing colors. 

-Bluff Valley Park: Hike up to the top of the bluff to see amazing fall views of the town.

-Wolf Mountain: Wolf Mountain is the highest peak in Gogebic County and provides great fall views of the area. The hike is a little less than 1 mile long and gradually inclines as you go through the forest.

-Mt. Zion Overlook: At the top of the Mt. Zion Ski Hill is an overlook showcasing the amazing views.

-Porcupine Mountains: The Porkies offer multiple opportunities to see the amazing fall colors. Visit Lake of the Clouds to see a gorgeous lake surrounded by trees bursting with color, hike around the Presque Isle River Waterfalls, or take a fall lift ride at the Porcupine Mountain Ski Area. (Rides are held in September and October weekends)

Fall Color Tours

Western U.P. Waterfall Color Tour

This is a simple trip, however the views are anything but simple. The Black River Scenic Byway is a protected road way by the Federal Government. It includes several waterfalls, Copper Peak ski flying hill and a walking suspension bridge over the river. This route while short is a good route to spend most of your time out of the car.

To begin you turn to the north off US-2 at the entrance to Big Powderhorn Mountain. The entrance is marked by the big skier. Follow the road to the main lodge of the ski resort. There the road turns to the right, follow it over the railroad tracks to a T intersection, here you turn left on to Black River Road. This will take you out to the waterfalls. Each of the waterfalls have paths leading to them. Potawatomi is barrier free (from the Gorge Parking Lot) with bath room facilities. Gorge and Rainbow have steps and observation decks, while Great Conglomerate and Sandstone falls have natural settings. At the harbor there is also a bathroom and picnic area. Black River Harbor also includes a campground, cabins and shopping. Enjoy this trip short in distance long on scenery.

50 Mile Fall Color Tour

Tour Highlights: Little Girls Point, Lake Superior, Gogebic County Forest, Superior Falls & Saxon Harbor.

Directions: Take US Hwy 2 West to Lake Road (the intersection with Walgreens & Holiday Gas Station) and take a right onto Lake Road heading North. After about 15 miles you will enter Gogebic County Forest. A little farther is Little Girls Point, where you will have a spectacular view of Lake Superior. Continue West & you will come to Superior Falls & the mouth of the Montreal River. A little farther along will be signs for Saxon Harbor, which is part of the Old Flambeau Trail. As you return to the main road (Hwy 122) it will intersect with Hwy 2, take a left and it will bring you back to Ironwood.


150 Mile Fall Color Tour


Tour Highlights: Cisco Chain of Lakes, Bond Falls, Porkies & Presque Isle Falls.

Directions: Follow Hwy 2 heading East. You will pass through the Ottawa National Forest, with several side roads to travel (maps are available at the Forest Service offices. Then turn North onto Hwy 45 in Watersmeet, MI. In Paulding, MI there will be signs for Bond Falls, which is a spectacular sight! Then you can stay on that road to get to M28 or head back to Hwy 45 N. At the intersection of Hwy 45 & M28, take M28 W to see Agate Falls. Continuing North on Hwy 45 you will end up in Ontonagon, a great place to stop & eat! Take M64 West along the shore of Lake Superior and you will eventually come to Lake of the Clouds on Hwy M-107. Next take South Boundary Road. Be sure to stop at Summit Peak for a fantastic lookout of the fall colors! At the end of South Boundary Road take Cty Rd 519 North 1 mile to walk the waterfalls along the boardwalk. Then you can return to Wakefield on 519 to Hwy M28, then right on Hwy 2. This is a full day tour with unforgettable sights!