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Share your Vacation for Lift Tickets!

MakeMemoriesReviews from previous guests can be extremely helpful when booking a vacation. And we want to make sure our guests have that knowledge when booking a stay in one of our vacation homes! That’s why this season we are offering a monthly drawing for 2 Big Powderhorn lift tickets if you submit a review of your Big Powderhorn Lodging vacation!

BPLA will hold a drawing once a month for the 2015-16 winter Season. Winners will receive 2 Big Powderhorn lift tickets, valid for this season (2015-16) or for next season (2016-17). Submit your reviews on any one of BPLA’s review platforms to qualify: Flipkey, VRBO or the Guestbook in the BPLA mobile app.


Rules & Restrictions:

  • The review must be for a valid 2015-16 Winter reservation. A review will not be included in the monthly drawing if it was a previous stay or a stay in another vacation home not associated with BPLA.
  • Monthly drawings will be for reservations in Dec. 2015, Jan. 2016, Feb. 2016 & March 2016.
  • A review must be submitted on one of three BPLA review platforms: Flipkey, VRBO or the Guestbook in the BPLA mobile app. Any other platforms will not be included in the drawing.
  • A review must be submitted with the email and/or name of the person on the reservation. The review will be disqualified for the drawing if this is not present.
  • Winners will be contacted by email and will be posted on the BPLA website.
  • Guests have until the 7th of the following month to submit a review in order to be considered in the drawing. Any reviews submitted after the 7th for the previous month’s reservations will be disqualified.
  • Drawings will take place on the 8th of every month: Jan 8 for December Reviews, Feb 8 for January Reviews, March 8 for February Reviews, Apr 8 for March Reviews.
  • BPLA reserves the right to disqualify any reviews submitted or cancel this drawing at any time.


December Winner: Charles K.

January Winner: Molly M.

February Winner: Keith B.