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April 20, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Cold Iron Brewing
104 S Lowell St
MI 49938

Mike LaBo makes his first appearance at the Cold Iron taproom on Saturday, April 20th from 7-10 PM. Here’s a little bit more about Mike: 
“Mike LaBo writes original songs that sound familiar, simple but with a depth that sticks with you. Songs that grow with the listener. Mike’s passion for music began as a child. The youngest of five children, his earliest influences came from The Beatles, Otis Redding, Kingston Trio, Glenn Miller Orchestra, and Queen. The connections Mike made with music helped him journey beyond his suburban bedroom across the musical universe. His restless nights were eased by the comfort he found tuning the radio dial from oldies to rock to pop to classical until he finally fell gently asleep.
Mike processes his various influences through the filter of American folk music. He is a husband, father, worker, and aspiring farmer, crafting songs that combine unassuming melodies with a poet’s voice. His songs are hymns to the human experience. He hopes they help folks feel less lonely.”

This entry was posted on March 7th, 2019